Today's refrigerators have smaller, more efficient compressors that are not louder than older refrigerator compressors, but do have a higher pitched sound which can be amplified in certain installations. If the kitchen is not carpeted, it may help to place a small square of carpeting under the refrigerator to absorb some of the sounds or put a sound-absorbing ceiling tile on the wall behind the refrigerator. Also, additional motors and controls are used to provide the improved performance of larger capacity refrigerators. Therefore, normal operating sounds may be more noticeable than on the model it replaced. POSSIBLE CAUSES: * Fan operation required for normal air flow in and around the refrigeration unit. Defrost pan not positioned correctly. Check the User's Guide for correct removal and replacement of the defrost pan. * Cabinet vibration can occur if the refrigerator is not level. For leveling information, check the refrigerator's User's Guide. You may also notice vibration if the refrigerator is installed on a weak floor. A sizzling sound in the freezer compartment is normal and is caused by defrost water dripping on the defrost mechanism. * Popping or cracking sounds may be heard as metal parts expand and contract. These are normal operating sounds. * Bubbling or gurgling sounds like water boiling result when the refrigerant boils off as it circulates. This is normal. A dripping sound will occur as water drips into the defrost pan beneath the refrigerator during the defrost cycle. Heat from the compressor will evaporate this water. This sound wi If only occur during the defrost cycle. * Operation of automatic icemaker may produce several sounds: A. Buzzing of the water valve. B. Running of water as the tray fills. C. Rattling of ice cubes failing into the empty ice bin. A clicking noise can sometimes be heard as the defrost timer begins and ends the defrost cycle.

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