Refrigerator Runs Too Long Or Too Frequently. POSSIBLE CAUSES: * This is normal when comparing the run time of a new refrigerator to that of an older model. Today's refrigerators use smaller, more efficient compressors that run more frequently. This provides more stable temperatures within the refrigerator. * Condenser needs cleaning or poor air circulation around condenser. The condenser must be clean for efficient operation. Follow the instructions for cleaning given in the User's Guide. * Temperature control set too cold. Use the firmness of ice cream and coldness of milk as guides for good temperature settings. Turn refrigerator control to next lower number. Do not change the control more than one number at a time. Allow 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize before making further adjustments. * Prolonged or frequent door openings. Food items should be removed from the unit as quickly as possible without lingering. Try to get several items at one time rather than opening the door several times. * Room temperature excessively high. Lower room temperature if possible. At high room temperatures, it is normal for a refrigerator to run longer or more often.

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