POSSIBLE CAUSE: Temperature shift. As a result, it is natural for the user to gradually adapt cooking times, temperatures and habits to that change. Then, when baking in a new oven with proper calibration, results may not be as expected based on previous baking habits. An easy way to check if the range or wall oven is operating properly is to bake a white box cake mix. Following the directions should provide a cake that is done and evenly browned. Acceptable results indicate the oven is operating properly. If results are poor, one or more of the following solutions may improve the results. SOLUTIONS: Be sure ingredients are fresh. Use the correct rack position depending on the kind of food and the browning desired. The bottom rack position is referred to as number I and the top, number 4 or 5. For single rack baking use #2 or #3. Two-rack baking requires the use of either rack positions I and 3 or 2 and 4. In addition, pan placement on the racks should not interfere with air flow. Allow one inch from oven sides and other pans. The utensil finish determines the degree of browning. Dark, dull utensils absorb heat which results in darker browning. These types of utensils are commonly used for pies and breads, Shiny, smooth pans reflect heat which results in lighter, more delicate browning. Cakes and cookies require this type of utensil. Preheat the oven for good results on baked goods such as breads, cookies and biscuits. To preheat, set the oven to the recommended baking temperature, not higher. Wait about 10- 15 minutes before adding the food. Using aluminum foil in the oven can also affect results. It should not be placed on the bottom of the oven, completely cover an oven rack or be used on the same rack as the cooking utensil. Aluminum foil used in this manner interferes with the air flow and transfer of heat to the food. If foil is used to catch spillovers from pies and casseroles, place a piece that is slightly larger than the cooking utensil on the rack directly below the rack with the food.

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