POSSIBLE CAUSES: Using the Air Dry cycle. Switch to heated drying. Low water temperature. Turn up the setting on the water heater or use a water heating option regularly. (For optimum results, water heating dishwashers require a minimum of 1200F. inlet water and regular use of heating options. Non-water heating dishwashers need 1400F. inlet water for optimum results.) Not using a rinse aid such as Jet Dry or Crystal Clear. Using too little detergent. Detergent contains ingredients which help to improve drying. Increase the amount of detergent used as directed on page 16. Dishes nesting. Be sure dishwasher is being loaded properly. Refer to the User's Guide. Some items are difficult to dry in a dishwasher even under the best of circumstances. Cups and glasses with concave bottoms will hold water at the end of the cycle. Plastic and Teflon have a porous surface that holds droplets of water and is difficult to dry. Towel drying of these items may be necessary.

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